Application Service

As part of our Application Service we now offer access to the JournalSuite.

The JournalSuite is an ensemble of applications for publishers. Taken together, the suite provides media-neutral solutions to all aspects of publication planning and management. The JournalDesigner is the crucial component of the JournalSuite and the perfect solution for publishers.

To demonstrate the advantages of our applications so that you can get acquainted with the JournalDesigner, we have created JournalDesigner Light. This allows the basic functions to be tested on your own publication.

  • The system is administered and maintained by us.
  • You receive a client through Java Web-Start so that you can immediately gain access to the System.  
  • All your data is saved in a unique database on our server.

As this saves time and administrative work, you can concentrate exclusively on getting to know our programs.

To access JournalDesigner Light


Please register as follows:

The registration will be processed within a few days.  After successful registration you will receive a mail with the registration name and password.


Login with your Name and Password.

After Login

A short video explains the first steps after registration. The PDF document Quick Start provides a brief introduction to the use of JournalDesigner Light.